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Breast Feeding

Breast Feeding We all know that breast feeding is the most natural, healthiest way to nourish – and bond with – your baby. However, if you're a first time mother, you might have a lot of breast feeding questions. For instance, how to breast feed, what kind of breast feeding supplies do you need, what breast feeding positions are best for your baby, how to overcome any breast feeding problems you may run into, the list goes on and on. If you've just had or are expecting your first child and want to know more about the many health benefits of breast feeding for you and your baby, want to find out if you should be on any kind of special breast feeding diet or are curious about just how, when and where to use a breast feeding pump, your questions will be answered in this book. However, this isn't just a book for first-time mothers. Even if you've already had a child, there are plenty of excellent breast feeding tips to be found in this book which can make breast feeding the natural, pleasant and loving experience it's meant to be. A must read for every mother (and father), this is a guide to breast feeding which can make caring for your child in their first year a much less trying experience.
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