James King


Victorian austerity — Fear of God — Lack of ambition — Something has to change.

An only child, Jack is also a choirboy and an altar boy. But what will eight years of daily beatings and brainwashing turn a bright student into? And how long will it be before he questions God’s existence?

He loves his parents, his only family. But the world is modernising after WWII, and rationing is ending. When you are closeted in a place a hundred years behind the times, you are bound to revolt at some point.

But will it be too late for Jack. Will he keep on heading in the wrong direction, or will he awaken before it is too late?

Could this be the last company party he attends? And will the castle in the sky be the catalyst that sets him free? Will it put him on a new path leading to danger and the mind-blowing world of international crime? Or will he stay put?
25 printed pages
Original publication
James King



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