Andrew Miller

The Trials of Arden

Heir to his father’s throne, Arden has always lived a sheltered and protected life until one day he and his best friend Taril sneak away to seek out the lost city of Talindor.
Escaping the watchful eyes of their protectors, they use the city’s secret tunnels to reach the fields beyond the great walls of Tyare.  While exploring in Verin Forest, they find signs of the ruins of the ancient city, but grave danger lurks in the Darkwood.
In Tyare, children have been going missing, and the cause of the disappearances may lie deep in the forest.  Ancient evil waits in the heart of the darkwood, but there is more to Arden than meets the eye.
Shadow of the Darkwood is the first book in the series The Trials of Arden.
450 printed pages
Original publication



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