Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson: The Complete Series (Books 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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    Samantha Alonsohas quoted2 years ago
    When she looks at me, it’s like she’s seeing all the good things about me, none of the bad.
    joyee 🧣has quoted8 days ago
    you, Percy, are my favourite son.’
    joyee 🧣has quoted8 days ago
    ‘Like the god of the sea.’

    ‘Very much like that, yes.’
    joyee 🧣has quoted8 days ago
    ‘Pos–’ My mother stopped herself. She was blushing right to the roots of her hair. ‘Um, hello.’
    joyee 🧣has quoted8 days ago
    I grabbed her by the shirt and hauled her after me
    joyee 🧣has quoted8 days ago
    What I didn’t say: I was also worried about Annabeth. I didn’t trust what she would do if she saw Luke again. He had fooled her and manipulated her too many times before.
    joyee 🧣has quoted9 days ago
    WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?’ Annabeth interrupted, shoving aside the other campers. I thought she was going to punch me, but instead she hugged me so fiercely she nearly cracked my ribs. The other campers fell silent. Annabeth seemed to realize she was mak‍
    joyee 🧣has quoted9 days ago
    left chest, and the same on the right, so he had two arms, but four armpits, if that makes any sense.
    joyee 🧣has quoted9 days ago
    Now, you’d think I would’ve got used to weird anatomy after Janus and Briares,
    joyee 🧣has quoted9 days ago
    You made a cute guinea pig.’
    joyee 🧣has quoted10 days ago
    guess that made Kronos my grandfather, but that thought was so weird I put it out of my mind.
    joyee 🧣has quoted10 days ago
    Will you come?’

    I didn’t even hesitate. ‘I’m in.’

    She smiled for the first time in days, and that made it all worthwhile.
    joyee 🧣has quoted10 days ago
    Annabeth’s hand slipped into mine.
    joyee 🧣has quoted15 days ago
    She hugged Annabeth, who was trying hard not to cry. Then she even hugged Grover, who looked ready to pass out, like somebody had just given him an all-you-can-eat enchilada coupon.
    joyee 🧣has quoted15 days ago
    It hadn’t been a cavern roof that Artemis was forced to hold. It was the roof of the world.
    joyee 🧣has quoted15 days ago
    The music didn’t sound so beautiful to me now – more like the soundtrack for a funeral.
    joyee 🧣has quoted15 days ago
    ‘You both sound like my mother,’ I said.

    ‘Shut up!’ they said in unison.
    joyee 🧣has quoted16 days ago
    Dad!’ a little boy screamed. ‘He’s taking apart my robots!’

    ‘Bobby,’ Dr Chase called absently, ‘don’t take apart your brother’s robots.’

    ‘I’m Bobby,’ the little boy protested. ‘He’s Matthew!’

    ‘Matthew,’ Dr Chase called, ‘don’t take apart your brother’s robots!’

    ‘Okay, Dad!’

    Dr Chase turned to us. ‘We’ll go upstairs to my study. This way.’
    joyee 🧣has quoted17 days ago
    ‘Mr D,’ I said.

    He raised his eyebrow.

    ‘You called me by my right name,’ I said. ‘You called me Percy Jackson.’

    ‘I most certainly did not, Peter Johnson. Now off with you!’

    He waved his hand, and his image disappeared in the mist.
    joyee 🧣has quoted17 days ago
    Santa opened one eye suspiciously. I could feel him staring at me, but I didn’t look. I muttered something about stupid school and stupid parents, figuring that might sound reasonable.

    Santa Claus went back to sleep.
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