Stefanie Arend

Be Healthy With Yin Yoga

Yin yoga not only strengthens your body—makes it more vital and powerful in a yin way—it can also help with a lot of typical ailments, may they be allergies, teeth grinding, menstrual pain, headaches, infertility, skin problems, or back pain. In Be Healthy with Yin Yoga, best-selling author Stefanie Arend puts together many Yin yoga sequences to activate the self-healing powers of body and mind. She offers a holistic approach that includes Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine, breathing techniques, meditation, nutrition, fascia therapy exercises, and self-reflective questions to encourage deeper explorations of the roots of readers’ ailments. Suited for both beginners and experienced yoga practitioners, and replete with high-quality pictures that make the poses and sequences easy to follow and understand, Be Healthy with Yin Yoga is a wonderful support for anyone who wants to take their health back into their own hands.
864 printed pages
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    Lilyhas quoted6 months ago
    It is only when the Yin base is powerful enough and the Yang nourishes that the strength of Yang can have any effect.
    Nowadays we live in an age that emphasizes Yang. Children have to get up early, hurry off to school, follow lessons with full concentration, and then still do their homework conscientiously. It continues with training at the sports club and/or music lessons, etc. Then there might be some time left over to play. And many adults continue this rhythm.
    Cris Lohas quoted8 months ago
    You carry your healing powers within you at all times, but sometimes they are hidden by a lack of contact with your inner self.

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