William B.Breuer

Unexplained Mysteries of World War II

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“As combat veterans and high commanders know, logic is often a stranger in wartime.” --William B. Breuer, in
The annals of World War II are mined with captivating cases of strange coincidences, ominous premonitions, and baffling mysteries. Now, William Breuer's painstaking research has yielded over 100 fascinating historical accounts, including:
The mysterious fire on the Normandie … Who really was behind the eerily efficient destruction of the famed ocean liner?
The ominous “Deadly Double” advertisement in The New Yorker … Was it a coded leak to Japanese and German spies announcing the upcoming bombing of Pearl Harbor?
The botched Nazi kidnapping of the Duke of Windsor … How did a serendipitous series of events save the duke from Hitler's grasp (and the Allied forces from a crippling strategic setback)?
The curious sinking of the Tang
… How did this deadliest of U.S. submarines come to meet such an unexpected and mysterious end?
“Anyone interested in twists of fate should find this book fascinating.” --Library Journal
“While away a few hours or spend a few minutes at a time enjoying this collection of inexplicable, mysterious, and strange tales.” --Nashville Banner
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    Roberto Garzahas quoted9 months ago
    Collaborating on unmasking and deciphering the Japanese signals were the Navy’s Combat Intelligence Unit, set up in Hawaii under the command of Lieutenant Joseph J. Rochefort, and the Army’s Special Intelligence Service, led by a brilliant young cryptologist, Colonel William Friedman
    Roberto Garzahas quotedlast year
    Why the Allied high command, which became paralyzed when Case Yellow struck, had been so remarkably unprepared for the onslaught remains one of the most baffling mysteries of the war.5
    Roberto Garzahas quotedlast year
    Schwarze Kapelle (Black Orchestra), a tight-knit conspiracy of prominent German generals and government leaders, whose aim was to get rid of the führer—one way or another

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