Bertrand Russell

Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays

Essays on philosophy, religion, science, and mathematics.
260 printed pages
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  • Surya Munawar Sazali Sebayanghas quoted4 months ago
    render it impossible for them to turn their heads round: and imagine a bright fire burning some way off, above and behind them, and an elevated roadway passing between the fire and the prisoners, with a low wall built along it, like the screens which conjurors put up in front of their audience, and above which they exhibit their wonders.
    I have it, he replied.
    Also figure to yourself a number of persons walking behind this wall, and carrying with them statues of men, and images of other animals, wrought in wood and stone and all kinds of materials, together with various other articles, which overtop the wall; and, as you might expect, let some of the passers-by be talking, and others silent.
    You are describing a strange scene, and strange prisoners.
    They resemble us, I replied.
    Now consider what would happen if the course of nature brought them a release from their fetters, and a remedy for their foolishness, in the following manner. Let us suppose that one of them has been released, and compelled suddenly to stand up, and turn his neck round and walk with open eyes towards the light; and let us suppose that he goes through all these actions with pain, and that the dazzling splendour renders him incapable of discerning those objects of which he used formerly to see the shadows. What answer
  • Joy Santosohas quoted6 years ago
    Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty—a beauty cold and austere

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