Sovella Brown Thompson

Bride of Destiny

BRIDE OF DESTINY, a mystery based on real events. Our protagonist, Debra Martin is asked to return to her family home for her grandfather's funeral after being away for twenty years. However, a funeral is not all she returns to. The chanting in the night did not bother her until she realized that a voodoo ceremony was going on in the house, her new house that her grandfather left to her in his will. It does not take Debra long to realize that all is not wonderful in her family home or with her family. When her uncle dies a suspicious death, Debra faints is shocked seeing voodoo instruments used to kill him. When she wakes up, Edward is by her side. He tells her of the disturbing dreams she had during the night. The only person that can save her from this fate is the man she loves, Edward. But, to her dismay, the cult has also taken command of him. Debra must persevere and choose to save herself.
142 printed pages
Original publication



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