Cynthia White

Always A Queen

Queen Aaron is back in the eyes, minds and hearts of readers as Cynthia White picks up where her first novel left off. Queen is eight months pregnant and living a life of her own in scenic Hawaii, far away from her dramatic past in St. Louis. When Isiah, the king of The Black Mafia, shows up at her front door, Queen cannot help but believe his promise of a safe and happy household for their new baby back in Missouri. As Queen and her newborn daughter, Princess, arrive in St. Louis, her world seems too perfect to be true. Queen and Isiah enjoy the fruits of The Black Mafia in their new luxurious estate. Wedding bells ring out soon after Queen settles in. But just as her life is nearing flawlessness, Queen and Isiah's wedding reception proves to her that not everything that glitters is gold. When her past hits her like a speeding bullet, Queen s dream life dissolves and reality sets in. Queen must step up and fight for her daughter's safety, for her father's organization and for true love – but will that be with Isiah, her husband, or with Carmen, her former lover? Queen must maintain her self-worth in the wake of her mother s abusive ways in order to fulfill her promise to be a true mother to Princess – but can she resist past temptations?
225 printed pages
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