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Simon Brett

Blotto, Twinks and the Rodents of the Riviera

A pair of aristocratic siblings chase art thieves to the French Riviera only to find more trouble in this humorous historical mystery.
In yet another installment of the Blotto, Twinks series, his very funny parody of the golden age of mystery, Simon Brett sends his heroes to the French Riviera of the 1920s. Someone has stolen valuable paintings from Tawcester Towers, ancestral home of Blotto (the future Duke of Tawcester) and his sister, Twinks. Blotto is content to run around in a (handsome) sweat, cursing the thieving varlets and vowing revenge, but Twinks, rather more pragmatically, tracks the varlets to France. She and Blotto, accordingly, go zipping off to Paris—where they have rather a jolly time with the Left Bank bohemian set—but before the hangovers can take hold Twinks has redirected the search to the Riviera, headquarters of that dastardly criminal mastermind, La Puce! Will the noble Blotto and the brilliant Twinks recover their paintings, vanquish La Puce, and rescue the kidnapped film star I neglected to mention? Mesdames et messieurs, place your bets.
Praise for the Blotto and Twinks Mysteries
“A hilarious spin on the traditional British mystery.” —Publishers Weekly
This is the kind of book you’ll have to put down, frequently, as you roar with laughter.” —Booklist, starred review
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