Kiersten White


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    Itzel Cantuhas quoted2 years ago
    What’s the point in hating something if you aren’t proactive?
    CJ Smithhas quoted4 years ago
    And you’re an idiot, by the way. If you had let me talk to you, I would have explained that I took the liberty of putting together applications for you to American University and George Washington University, both of which are a quick train trip away from Georgetown.”
    “And if those don’t work out, I’m more than willing to use my vampire tricks on an admissions officer. Just because I can’t have a life doesn’t mean I’m going to let you be so stupid about yours. You can thank me later.”
    CJ Smithhas quoted4 years ago
    I smiled, remembering the time Arianna cussed out Reth and got thrown into a tree for her efforts. Too bad we’d never find out whether Cheyenne and Landon ended up together. I hoped for Arianna’s sake they did. She’d had enough disappointment in her life and death as it was.
    David and his ridiculous faith in everyone around him, his undying love for a paranormal that would never, could never, love him back the same way. He wasn’t stupid or naive. Loving someone completely like that was far braver than I’d ever given him credit for.
    Raquel. Her soft Spanish accent and her infinite arsenal of sighs. I wondered which one she’d use when I never came back. I didn’t wonder if she’d be sad. I knew that now, knew I was as much a daughter to her as she was a mother to me. And if we were both screwed up, well, the more I saw of normal life, the more I realized that was typical.
    CJ Smithhas quoted4 years ago
    And I’d had a locker. That was something, too.
    CJ Smithhas quoted4 years ago
    Faeries and vampires were glittery now?
    CJ Smithhas quoted4 years ago
    Of course, this meant that he was almost as practical as Raquel, but his practical was sparkly and pretty.
    CJ Smithhas quoted4 years ago
    hadn’t seen Reth since he had come to visit me in the hospital after I released the souls, and I never wanted to again. Him or any of the other creepy, manipulative, amoral, psychotic, insert-further-negative-adjectives-of-your-choice-here faeries.
    CJ Smithhas quoted4 years ago
    What a brilliant idea, Evie, go ahead and suck the energy out of the thing keeping you aloft thousands of feet in the air. But it was still holding it together somehow. We were spinning out of control, but we weren’t falling as swiftly as we should have been. If we could make it to the ground, we’d be okay.
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