Dexter Jackson

The All-American Slow Cooker Cookbook

Learn how to take full advantage of your slow cooker, and cook like a true American!

This cookbook contains 120 simple yet delicious, and classic All-American recipes for you to try out for yourself at home with your own slow cooker. You might not realize how versatile your Crock Pot is, but its capability to be a slow cooker is only the beginning as you will soon discover. You will have fun making tasty and less time-consuming meals that you and your family will enjoy. This cookbook is a page turner so full of foods from breakfast, lunch, and dinner that you will not want to stop reading. You will be excited to try out some of the tasty recipes ranging from the appetizers to a late-night toddy.

The kind of recipes are will find in this Classic All-American Cookbook include:

- Classic American Breakfast meals
- Lunch Favorites
- Soups, Sides, Veggies, and Casseroles
- Dinner Favorites of Americans
- Classic Desserts
- Appetizers, Snacks & Dips
- Alcoholic & Non-alcoholic Drinks

Here's a Quick Sneak Peek at some of the Recipes in this cookbook:

- Root Beer Pulled Pork
- Tater Tot Casserole
- Cinnamon Roll Panckaes
- Lasagna Enchantment
- American Style Macaroni & Cheese
- Beer Cheese Dip
- Monkey Bread
- Buffalo Chicken
- Hawaiian Chicken
- Nutella Hot Chocolate

- Hot Mocha Spirits
- And many, many more (110 more recipes to be exact!)

Do yourself this favor and Download a copy of this All-American Cookbook. You know you want to! Happy Cooking!
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