Marlena Spieler

Macaroni & Cheese

“Sure to please even the most dedicated mac and cheese purist, while delighting anyone with a soft spot for comfort food.” —Publishers Weekly
From the three-time James Beard Award nominee and author of Grilled Cheese, this cookbook puts a variety of delicious spins on the kid-friendly favorite. More than fifty recipes range from the tried-and-true Yankee Doodle Dandy Baked Macaroni and Cheese and quick-to-prepare specialties such as the yodel-worthy Alpine Macaroni with Appenzeller and Crème Fraiche to international specialties like Giuvetchi, a Greek dish of orzo in a cinnamon tomato sauce with lamb and kasseri, myzithra, and feta cheeses. There are even a few dessert versions like Falooda, a traditional Indian treat, this one using ricotta and sweet vermicelli, with cherries and a touch of cardamom.
Recipes for side salads and soups help round out a balanced meal. Mac & cheese—it’ll always please!
152 printed pages
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