Alejandro Junger


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A Life-Changing Medical Breakthrough
Clean is an M.D.’s program designed to be easily incorporated into our busy schedule while providing all the practical tools necessary to support and rejuvenate our bodies. The effect is transformative: nagging health problems will suddenly disappear, extra weight will drop away, and for the first time in our lives, we will experience what it truly means to feel healthy.

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    troublekin2011has quoted5 years ago
    Failing is just proof that you are trying. Practice makes perfect.
    bedrohas quoted5 years ago
    The plaque-building and plaque-reabsorbing functions work perfectly in natural conditions, where stressful circumstances and adverse metabolic conditions come and go.
    bedrohas quoted5 years ago
    Some of the nutrients essential for neurotransmitter production are the first ones depleted in a dysbiotic and nonabsorbing gut, such as the B vitamins, magnesium, calcium, and potassium

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