Jack Higgins


A novel of the last, desperate days of John Dillinger, America’s most notorious bank robber.
In 1934, after his spectacular jailbreak from a cell in Indiana, John Dillinger was like a ghost—some claimed to spot him in New York, others in London, New Orleans, or California. Though the FBI would eventually find and kill Dillinger in Chicago, speculation about his whereabouts in those mysterious final months never waned.
In Jack Higgins’s suspenseful imagining, Dillinger flees to Mexico, where his attempts at finding freedom launch the fugitive into the clutches of men much more dangerous than the federal agents on his trail. This dramatic account of Dillinger’s final days brings him face-to-face with bloodthirsty bandits and corrupt police officers, breathing vivid life into the story of America’s most fascinating outlaw.
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    Early in March 1934, John Dillinger, the most notorious criminal in American history, made a spectacular escape from Lake County Jail, Crown Point, Indiana.

    Its so fun to learn about killers from the same state as you!!

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