Angie Sage

Araminta Spook: Gargoyle Hall

    Zhanna Shorabekhas quoted7 months ago
    It all began after my uncle Drac came back from his holiday to see the giant bats of Transylvania. Suddenly he started acting strangely. Of course, most people would think that Uncle Drac acted strangely before he went on holiday. That is probably because Uncle Drac has a turret full of bats, where he sleeps in a flowery sleeping bag, which hangs from the
    Zhanna Shorabekhas quoted7 months ago
    Running a detective agency is not easy, because first you need a Mystery to solve. In films and books, people go to a detective agency and ask them to solve a Mystery. But no one has come to Spook’s Detective Agency and asked it to solve anything yet. I don’t know why. So I have to find my own Mysteries to solve. Weeks can go by without any kind of Mystery and then, just like buses, a whole load of Mysteries arrive at once. This is what happened recently. The first to arrive was The Mystery of Uncle Drac’s Travelling Sleeping Bag.
    Zhanna Shorabekhas quoted7 months ago
    When I grow up, I want to be a detective and solve Mysteries. To get into training I have set up Spook’s Detective Agency. I am Chief Detective and my friend, Wanda Wizzard, is my sidekick. This means Wanda helps out in the detective agency and sometimes goes on Mystery-solving expeditions with me. Well, that is the idea, anyway.
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