Søren Kierkegaard

Sickness Unto Death

The Sickness unto Death, Kierkegaard moves beyond anxiety on the mental-emotional level to the spiritual level, where--in contact with the eternal--anxiety becomes despair. Both anxiety and despair reflect the misrelation that arises in the self when the elements of the synthesis--the infinite and the finite--do not come into proper relation to each other. Despair is a deeper expression for anxiety and is a mark of the eternal, which is intended to penetrate temporal existence.
174 printed pages
Original publication
Jovian Press



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    Mustafa Kılınçhas quoted4 years ago
    Moreover, the determination of sin as a position involves also, in an entirely different sense, the possibility of offense, the paradox. For the paradox results from the doctrine of the atonement.
    Mustafa Kılınçhas quoted4 years ago
    The more consciousness, the more self; the more consciousness, the more will, and the more will the more self.
    Mustafa Kılınçhas quoted4 years ago
    He rages most of all at the thought that eternity might get it into its head to take his misery from him!

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