Mary Kay Hunziger

Sewing Tutorials: 7 More Ways Of Sewing For A Beginner – Includes Over 300 Sewing Resources + Interactive Sewing Guide

In this craft compilation of craft opportunities and craft resources, I am going to show you how you can do much better than the average Etsy craft seller! The goal of Sewing Tutorials the second Volume of the “Top Ways Of Sewing For Beginners” series is to show you 7 more sewing ways that you could apply today as a beginner. This is the reason why I have started this new sewing series for beginners to ultimately bring out their passion for a craft like sewing and to help them develop a passion for sewing which is the ultimate goal in order to be able to run a profitable crafting business. I have added another exciting section called “Interactive Ways Of More Cool Sewing Nuggets” sections to learn even more cool stuff about sewing and to continue your learning path. Be aware that I will constantly be updating this book so that it will always reflect the top ways and resources of sewing that a beginner is looking for.
58 printed pages
Original publication
Inge Baum



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