Jeremy Edwards,Adrie Santos,Landon Dixon,Kate Franklin,Lynne Jamneck

Mother Knows Best

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A collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes.

Mother Knows Best by Landon Dixon

Glen has been looking forward to the pool party at his new girlfriend’s house. At the least, he’ll get to check Lucy out in her tiny bikini, and if he’s really lucky the combination of heat and bare flesh might inspire her to take their relationship past second base. What he isn’t counting on is Lucy’s Mum, Liz. Not only is she the source of Lucy’s beauty, but she’s got the experience and the confidence his timid girlfriend lacks. It’s an irresistible package, but is this taking “keeping it in the family” a step too far?

Changing Objectives by Jeremy Edwards

Alison completely flunks her first test audition for TV quiz show, Think!, but she’s been given a second chance by hunky programme question-master Gavin. This time she’s determined to prove she can pass the test with flying colours. In fact, she’s come up with the questions and she’s going to make sure Gavin gets exactly the answers he wants.

Don’t Quote Me by Lynne Jamneck

A different woman for every season… He never has a problem with finding his next woman, whether it’s first-time love from next door, to suave bars to the bread counter at the supermarket. The complexity arises once he comes to settle down. No one says love is simple – there are always more lessons to learn – and sex is much the same; but that’s not to say you can’t enjoy it along the way. But can self-destruction become as addictive as pleasure?

I Say His Name Out Loud by Adrie Santos

She fell for Edward the moment she started working at the company, but how do you come on to your boss without losing your job? After several frustrating weeks, an opportunity presents itself: Edward is sleeping at his desk and the rest of the office is empty. Can she really let this chance slip by? It’s time to move beyond the fantasy.

Choices by Kate Franklin

Oliver and Hannah have always had chemistry, but for a long time circumstances have kept them just out of each other’s reach. But this chance meeting is the one they have been waiting for and nothing’s going to hold them back, as they head to the forest for a wild outdoor “reunion”. But, as time goes by, reality begins to creep in and business comes to stand between this fated couple. When Oliver decides he can’t make a surprise holiday to a Greek island that she’s booked to heal their relationship, Hannah thinks it’s over. Then she meets Greek stallion Nikos and the situation gets a whole lot more complicated …

These stories have been previously published in Sex and Seduction
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