Adam Briggs

Winston Churchill

At the turn of the new millennium, the BBC held a survey which sought to decide the country’s greatest ever person, from any era. There was, really, only ever one serious contender. Of the more than a million votes cast, almost half were for the curmudgeonly, cigar smoking, war hero — Winston Churchill. 
This book serves as a biography of Winston Churchill, and will educate you on his incredible life. 
Through this book you will learn of his role in not only the second world war, but also of his other huge political battles. You will discover how he struggled with his education as a boy, and how his innate ability to lead men won him the hearts and affection of soldiers around the world. 
This biography will also outline some of the times he made mistakes, and how he came to terms with the consequences of them. Also included, is how how he fell from being Britain’s greatest hero to being thrown from political office in a flash, before regaining his status once again.
Churchill was a complex man, born into a wealthy, privileged political family but refusing to remain in the shadows of his domineering father. At the end of this biography, you will have a knowledge of this politician, fighter, writer, artist and man with the determination not to be defeated. 

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn About Inside…

Winston's Childhood
Becoming A Soldier
Churchill's Father
The First World War The Second World War Winston's Personal Life
Churchill's Time In Politics
Winston Churchill's Legacy
Much, Much More!
44 printed pages
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