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Scott Ingram

B2B Sales Mentors

Are you looking to take your sales results to the next level? Get inspired and learn directly from some of today's top sales professionals.

Worried you're not on the right path to consistent sales success? Have your commissions plateaued? Do you struggle to influence decision-makers in your field? Twenty-year B2B sales veteran and Sales Success Stories podcast host Scott Ingram is a true self-starter who walks the talk. Now he's curated these extraordinary lessons to give you the competitive edge you deserve.

B2B Sales Mentors — 20 Stories from 20 Top 1% Sales Professionals is a curated collection of timeless lessons from practicing experts. Shared in an informal style with clear action items at the end of each chapter, these wise words will make a huge difference in your work and industry. Whether you sell to large enterprise accounts or to SMB companies, this book will inspire you to skyrocket your earnings!

In B2B Sales Mentors, you'll discover:
* Mindset and goal setting techniques of elite performers
* Creative prospecting techniques that consistently open doors at the c-level
* How to land your dream sales job, and other ways to grow your income
* The sales processes used to close mega deals in the real world
* Concise bulleted takeaways from each powerful example to lead you to your next win
* Practical processes to help you improve yours results and much, much more!

B2B Sales Mentors — 20 Stories from 20 Top 1% Sales Professionals is the handpicked resource you need to keep you focused on high-performance results. If you like advice from battle-hardened experts, industry secrets to deliver the dollars, and bite-size steps to develop your own winning strategy, then you'll love Scott Ingram's definitive guide.

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