Did Jesus Live 100 B.C

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A study that thoroughly questions the date of the birth of Jesus Christ. George Robert Stowe Mead was an author, editor, translator, and an influential member of the Theosophical Society as well as the founder of the Quest Society.


I. Foreword.
II.— The Canonical Date Of Jesus.
III.—Earliest External Evidence To The Received Date.
IV.—The Genesis Of The Talmud
V.—The Talmud In History
VI.—In The Talmud's Outer Court.
VII -The Earliest External Evidence To The Talmud Jesus Stories.
VIII—The Talmud 100 Years B.C. Story Of Jesus.
IX.—The Talmud Mary Stories.
X.—The Talmud Ben Stada Jesus Stories.
XI—The Talmud Balaam Jesus Stories.
XII. The Disciples And Followers Of Jesus In The Talmud.
XIII.—The Toldoth Jeschu.
XIV—A Jewish Life Of Jesus.
XV.—Traces Of Early Toldoth Forms.
XVI.—The 100 Years B.C. Date In The Toldoth.
XVII.—On The Tracks Of The Earliest Christians.
XVIII.—Concerning The Book Of Elxai.
XIX.— The 100 Years B.C. Date Epiphanius.
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