Lisa Marie Rice

The Dangerous Boxed Set

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From Lisa Marie Rice comes three sizzling Dangerous novels:
Dangerous Lover—Jack Prescott has been dreaming of Carolina Lake for years. Finally back in town, he's more than ready to bring her to new heights of erotic abandon. But a relentless enemy stalks his every move. Jack can't expose her to danger. Can he abandon her—to save her?
Dangerous Secrets—Nick Ames is not who he claims to be. Charity Prewitt may believe he's just a billionaire capable of taking her to the brink of ecstasy, but as an undercover Delta Force agent, Nick must do what's asked of him—even kill—without regret. And when he discovers that Charity is his new target, Nick must choose: duty or desire?
Dangerous Passion—Viktor Drakovich shows no mercy. As ruthless in bed as he is in business, he's shocked when Grace Larsen, a beautiful artist, manages to get under his skin. But entering his world means becoming a target for bloodthirsty foes . . . and accepting that the price of their passion may be their lives.
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    Carina Rita Hansenhas quoted3 years ago
    Alexei was their smartest analyst and could speak Russian, Georgian, Bulgarian, Polish, and Ukrainian. He’d been sitting with heavy earphones on for over a week, listening to Worontzoff and his staff basically pick the lint out of their bellybuttons. And listening to music
    Carina Rita Hansenhas quoted3 years ago
    There were taps on the phones, but Worontzoff used the landline sparingly. Iceman had wanted ten dishes in an array around the mansion. He’d pounded desks, which usually worked—a Delta operator was like a lion in the geeky Tech section of the Unit—but this time the brass stood firm. One listening device. One. Larry down in Tech said it was the best way to keep surveillance from a distance.
    Anything Worontzoff said in his study could be heard. They heard all conversations Worontzoff had in his study and landline conversations. Nothing specific had been said yet, but according to Alexei, something was brewing
    Carina Rita Hansenhas quoted3 years ago
    John Di Stefano held up a bottle of Coke and wished with all his heart that it was a beer. But this was a job, and alcohol and work didn’t mix, to his regret. A beer sounded great right now, to wash the taste of frustration out of his mouth.
    To an impossible job. He held the Coke bottle up long enough to make the silent toast, then chugged its contents down.
    He’d been holed up with Nick Ireland, aka Iceman, and Alexei Nestrenko in a surveillance van for the past week now and the inside of the van looked it and smelled it

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