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From the Back Cover
Amid the escalating tensions of apartheid-era South Africa, the forbidden relationship between two teenage boys will set in motion a deadly game.
Summer, 1990. Nelson Mandela has recently been released from prison, but racism and segregation are at their peak. So when rich, white Jason Rothshen meets his family’s new gardener, Thabo Molefe, a friendship is unlikely—even illegal. Jason has never so much as touched a black person, but Thabo fascinates him.
As they spend the sweltering summer together—in secret—they uncover shocking truths about both of their families and learn that they have more in common than they thought. Their motives for befriending each other turn sinister, almost obsessive. How far will both of them go to keep some secrets buried? One of them might even be willing to kill.
From the brilliant blue pools of upper-class Johannesburg to the slums of Soweto to the nightlife of Cape Town, Delusional explores the darkness of the mind alongside the horrific history of a nation. Andrey Londra’s debut novel proves that nothing—not friendship, not love, not even memory—is black and white.

About the Author
Andrey Londra grew up in sunny South Africa. He now lives in London where he spends most of his time writing and designing stuff. When not concocting fictional characters or transforming spaces, he can be found roaming culture-rich locations for inspiration.
Instagram: @andreylondra
Twitter: @andreylondra
315 printed pages
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    Jason looked up towards the big-eyed man who stood in front of him with his angry red face and the bulging vein on his forehead while wagging his long finger that smelled like cigar in his face.
    “I’m sorry,” Jason sobbed and looked towards Juju where he had fallen on the floor.
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    gaped at Patrick with raised eyebrows

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