Larry Jamesonn

Modified Keto Diet

36.5% of American adults are obese. More specifically, 40% (aged 40–59) are likely obese and a third (aged 60 and above) are diagnosed as obese.

For younger individuals aged 20 — 39, around 32.3% of them are obese. Whereas children between the ages of 2 to 19, around 17% are overweight. This poses a risk because overweight children tend to grow up obese.

Sadly, obesity is a problem not limited to America. Obesity is found in the top five leading causes of death. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), obesity causes 2.8 million fatalities around the world every year. More and more people are becoming overweight. The increase in the obesity rate all over the world is attributed to poor diet and unhealthy eating choices.

In America alone, studies claim that Americans are consuming more calories now than ever.

The unhealthy diet that is linked to obesity is composed of refined sugars, trans fats, sodium, and excess calories. A diet loaded with rice, bread, potatoes, fruit juices, sugar, and pasta lead to an increased risk of health issues related to the liver, heart, brain, gut, and pancreas.

Fortunately, obesity is preventable and one of the methods that you can follow is the Modified Keto Diet, which helps you achieve your ideal weight and health goals.

This guide that you now hold aims to:
• Educate you about the proper approach to dieting
• Introduce you to a better form of keto
• Help you make the right food choices
• Make your diet easier
• Teach you how to make healthy food
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