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The Essential Vegan Cookbook

Begin Your Vegan Lifestyle Today!

The Essential Vegan Cookbook: 31 Delicious Vegan Meals contains a mixture of so many tasty recipes you will not know which one to try first. Each of the recipes provided gives you essential information to make the meal nutritious for your family and friends.

Working so many different styles of cooking while on a vegan diet can become hectic, but these 31 days of recipes will set you on a path which you will want to continue for years to come. You will want to use these over and over again from the Avocado and Smashed Bean Club Sandwich to the Marsela-Tofu Cutlets; you won't be disappointed. Also includes:

- Green Chile Mac n Cheese – Vegan Style of course
- Vegan Slow-cooker Lasagna
- Veggie Pesto Pizza
- Vegan Corn Dogs
- Spicy Thai Roasted Sweet Potatoes over Rice with Peanut Sauce
- And of course many more!

The preparation methods are discussed fully, so each of the tempting meals you prepare will maintain the same consistent nourishment and tasty temptations as they did the first time you tested the meal plan.

Also provided is a list of the essentials you will need to remove meat from your diet plan.

With all of the healthy benefits you receive, a vegan style of eating is gaining popularity. Why not join the league of satisfied customers and try some of these decadent recipes for yourself?
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