John J.Nance,Dom Stasi,Les Abend

Thrilled to Death: Volume Two

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Buckle your seatbelts for three high-flying aviation thrillers—written by experienced pilots including a New York Times–bestselling author.
Whoever has electronically disconnected the flight controls of Pangia Flight 10 as it streaks toward the volatile Middle East may be trying to provoke a nuclear war. With time and fuel running out, the pilots are forced to put animosities aside and risk everything to wrest control from the electronic ghost holding them on a course to disaster.
“A wild ride through the night sky.” —Capt. “Sully” Sullenberger, #1 New York Times–bestselling author 
Paper Wings
When a boat is found adrift off Fort Lauderdale, the investigation leads to more than murder—the evidence points to an “accident” that downed a passenger jet in Bermuda. Capt. Hart Lindy’s role in the NTSB investigation puts him on a flight path to danger trying to determine what really happened to Flight 63. “A masterful melange of deadly mysteries and desperate acts.” —John J. Nance, New York Times–bestselling author
The Strait
Upon learning that Swede Bergstrom, the hero who saved his life, has been killed during the commission of a crime, pilot Jake Silver agrees to follow Swede’s mysterious and beautiful sister, Christina, on a search to clear her brother’s name. Their odyssey will take them into the heart of darkness itself, dodging death every step of the way . . .
The Strait interrupted my normal sleep cycle . . . a page-turner for sure.” —Donald J. Porter, aviation historian and author of Flight Failure
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