Judith Guise

Tarot for Beginners

The idea of tarot reading brings up a look at the mysterious, the unknown, and something that is almost mystical. What if you could read these cards and unlock some of this into your own life? Well, now you can! This guidebook is the ultimate tool for all beginners who want to be able to do their own tarot readings!

This guidebook will have all of the information that you need in order to start some of your own tarot readings today. Some of the topics that we are going to explore in this guidebook will include:

A brief history of the tarot;Learning the art of the tarot, as well as what it all means;Some basics on how to read these tarot cards;The Major Arcana and some of the cards found inside;The Minor Arcana and some of the cards found in this part of the deck;Many of the spreads that a beginner needs to know in order to do their own readings;How to move beyond the deck and get the most out of the tarot readings;Ways to start doing readings for others; andThe danger of the tarot, as well as why you need to make sure you are using it in the proper manner.

There is a lot of mystery that comes with the tarot cards, and the readings are something that a lot of people may not fully understand. However, there is a lot of great history and more behind the tarot cards, and learning how to read them and what to make out of all of it can really change things. When you are ready to learn how to read the tarot cards, either for yourself or for someone else, make sure to check out this guidebook to help you get started!
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Tony Bennis
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  • Anahas quoted2 years ago
    This card is going to represent a father figure or another paternal entity in your life that you could be getting along with, or one that there is some struggle with. In reverse, the Emperor is going to show what is going to happen when the authority is lost. This could be an unproductive revolution or even tyranny. This reversal sometimes shows us that there is a lack of focus or even a loss of a father figure in your life.
  • Anahas quoted2 years ago
    When you look at this one upside down, this is going to have the opposite effect. It could represent some things like repressed truth, poverty infertility, and impotence. With these in place, you may find that it is hard to achieve the abundance of the Empress. Look at the surrounding cards here to get some more clues on how to get rid of the blockages and to improve your life.
  • Anahas quoted2 years ago
    This card is going to suggest that there is something of abundance that is coming your way. This card is going to show the potential of abundance through different manners such as through reproduction and through financial prosperity depending on how it is used and what is asked. For those who are looking at it in the way of reproduction, this card signifies creation and fertility.
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