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Sheila Mathison

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Recipes

How to Save Money & Avoid Toxic Chemicals with Natural Solutions.

“I really like how simple yet informative the book is. It presents the benefits of essential oils and the directions are really easy to follow.” — Jeffrey

Are You Wondering How Essential Oils Can Benefit You? Have You Been Searching for Clear Recipes and Instructions for Mixing and Using Essential Oils?

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to cure our physical maladies, boost our moods, and soothe our mental state. I have carefully crafted this handy reference, so you will receive maximum benefit in your daily life from the many advantages offered by essential oils.

Perhaps You Have A Desire to Save Money or Avoid Toxic Chemicals by Using Natural Solutions for Your Beauty Products…

It isn’t unheard of for people to spend hundreds of dollars every year taking care of their hair. Medicated shampoos or shampoos and conditioners designed to treat your oily hair, dry or itchy scalp can be costly. Some products even contain harmful chemicals you aren’t even aware of.

All this can be avoided by making your own hair care products at home which are inexpensive and effective. Essential oils are a great solution that can provide spectacular results.

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Recipes is the answer to all your Wellness and Body Care needs.

This book is meant to be a useful guide to those who already have some familiarity with essential oils.  Inside this valuable resource you will find over 177 Recipes for treating everything from sprains, to back pain, to headaches as well as useful, money-saving instructions for making your own toothpaste, lip balm, and hair care products, plus tons more!

Chapter 1 gets you started on the right foot with a complete list of tools and supplies you can use to make lending, storing, and using the oils safe and easy. The comprehensive index at the back makes it super simple and easy for you to find exactly the recipe you need in a hurry.

Here Is A Preview of What’s inside…

* Essential Oils for Skin Care
* Treating Aches and Pains with Essential Oils
* Using Essential Oils for illness and Allergy Relief
* Improving Your Mental Health Through the Use of Essential Oils
* Amazing First Aid Guide for Essential Oils
* Essential Oils For making Perfumes and Cologne
* Using Essential Oils for Hair and Personal Care

And much, much more!

Are you aware that essential oils offer literally hundreds of solutions for everyday health and beauty challenges?

Got a stuffy nose? See chapter 4.
Need First Aid? See chapter 6.
Want to make your own perfume or Cologne? Chapter 7 has just the thing.
Acne relief, sunscreen, preventing stretch marks and even massage oils can be found in chapter 2.

Do you have aches and pains? Allergies? How about Acne?

It’s not surprising. Human beings are subject to all these ailments and more. Especially as we age.

And, although I don’t know you, it’s a safe bet that, like every other person on the planet, you have one or more of these issues. Did you know Essential Oils can effectively treat all of these conditions and more?

Buy this book now to begin your journey using Essentials Oils and take pleasure in all the benefits they provide!

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