Dan Senor,Saul Singer

Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle

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    Moldir Amankulovahas quoted4 months ago
    From the age of zero we are educated to challenge the obvious, ask questions, debate everything, innovate,” says Mooly Eden, who ran these seminars.
    Moldir Amankulovahas quoted9 months ago
    of loss often proves more powerful than the hope of gain.
    Mykola Solodukhahas quoted2 years ago
    He was the world’s most famous living Israeli, an erudite two-time prime minister and Nobel Prize winner. At eighty-three years old, Shimon Peres certainly did not need another adventure.
    Iren Aloyanhas quoted3 years ago
    asynchrony . . . [such as] a lack of fit, an unusual pattern, or an irregularity” have the power to stimulate economic creativity.19
    Iren Aloyanhas quoted3 years ago
    judgment, and investing whatever effort is necessary. It emphasizes improvisation over discipline, and challenging the chief over respect for hierarchy. Indeed, “challenge the chief” is an injunction issued to junior Israeli soldiers, one that comes directly from a postwar military commission that we’ll look at later. But everything about Singapore runs counter to a rosh gadol mentality.
    Iren Aloyanhas quoted3 years ago
    Rosh katan behavior, which is shunned, means interpreting orders as narrowly as possible to avoid taking on responsibility or extra work. Rosh gadol thinking means following orders but doing so in the best possible way, using
    Iren Aloyanhas quoted3 years ago
    This maturity is especially powerful when mixed with an almost childish impatience.
    Iren Aloyanhas quoted3 years ago
    evident throughout much of the military and seems to be part of the Israeli ethos: to teach people how to be very good at a lot of things, rather than excellent at one thing.
    Iren Aloyanhas quoted4 years ago
    The more brazen the attacks, the larger the turnout.
    Welcome to Israel’s “new normal.”
    Iren Aloyanhas quoted5 years ago
    countries have problems and constraints, he told us, but what’s striking about Israel is the penchant for taking problems—like
    the lack of water—and turning them into assets—in this case, by becoming leaders in the fields of desert agriculture, drip
    irrigation, and desalination. T
    Iren Aloyanhas quoted5 years ago
    Other countries may generate them
    in small numbers, but the Israeli economy benefits from the phenomena of rosh gadol thinking and critical reassessment, undergirded by a doctrine of experimentation, rather than standardization, wide enough
    to have a national and even a global impact.
    Iren Aloyanhas quoted5 years ago
    edge of chaos.” They define that edge as “the estuary region where rigid
    order and random chaos meet and generate high levels of adaptation, complexity, and creativity.”20
    Iren Aloyanhas quoted5 years ago
    Thus, the most formidable obstacle to fluidity is order. A bit of mayhem is not only healthy but critical.
    Iren Aloyanhas quoted5 years ago
    Fluidity, according to a new school of economists studying key ingredients for entrepreneurialism, is produced when people
    can cross boundaries, turn societal norms upside down, and agitate in a free-market economy, all to catalyze radical ideas.
    Or as Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner puts it, different types of “asynchrony . . . [such as] a lack of fit, an unusual
    pattern, or an irregularity” have the power to stimulate economic creativity.
    Iren Aloyanhas quoted5 years ago
    What does all this mean for a country like Singapore, trying not just to emulate Israel’s military structure but to inject
    some of Israel’s inventiveness into its economy, as well? As noted above, Singapore differs dramatically from Israel both
    in its order and in its insistence on obedience. Singapore’s politeness, manicured lawns, and one-party rule have cleansed the fluidity from its economy.
    Iren Aloyanhas quoted5 years ago
    Large organizations, whether military or corporate, must be constantly wary of kowtowing and groupthink, or the entire apparatus
    can rush headlong into terrible mistakes. Yet most militaries, and many corporations, seem willing to sacrifice flexibility
    for discipline, initiative for organization, and innovation for predictability. This, at least in principle, is not the Israeli
    Iren Aloyanhas quoted5 years ago
    Assertiveness versus insolence; critical,
    independent thinking versus insubordination; ambition and vision versus arrogance—the words you choose depend on your perspective,
    but collectively they describe the typical Israeli entrepreneur.
    Iren Aloyanhas quoted5 years ago
    I think they make no sense,” Ghosn said confidently. “A hybrid is like a mermaid: if you want a fish, you get a woman; if
    you want a woman, you get a fish.”
    Iren Aloyanhas quoted5 years ago
    Oil is finished, he said; it may still be coming out of the ground, but the world doesn’t want it anymore. More importantly,
    Peres told Ghosn, it is financing international terrorism and instability. “We don’t need to defend against incoming Katyusha
    rockets,” he pointed out, “if we can figure out how to cut off the funding that launches them in the first place.”
    Iren Aloyanhas quoted5 years ago
    Something about coming from an embattled sliver of a country—home to just one one-thousandth of the world’s population—makes
    Israelis skeptical of conventional explanations about what is possible. If the essence of the Israeli condition, as Peres
    later told us, was to be “dissatisfied,” then Agassi typified Israel’s national ethos.
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