Swami Vivekananda

Vedânta Philosophy: Lectures on Jnâna Yoga. Part I.: Vedânta Philosophy

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«Vedânta has room for almost every religion; nay, it embraces them all.» -Professor Max MüllerJnâna Yoga is, as its name implies, the yoga, or method, of realizing our divine nature through wisdom (Jnâna). Wisdom is not knowledge in its ordinary sense, although it includes it. It is that higher knowledge which is self‐illumination. The conception of Jnâna according to Vedânta is a bold and daring one, and reaches the highest possible ideal, for it teaches the absolute unity of all existence. This may be a difficult thought for many to grasp at the outset, but it is worth careful study, and once understood will be a never‐failing light to guide the inquiring soul to the crowning truth of all philosophy. The books by Swâmi Vivekânanda are plenty of very profound thoughts, and you will not leave this fantastic teaching without spiritual growth. This is a book to be read continually, each reading reveals more of the mystery of the self and your relationship to the Absolute. If you are on the path with yoga, this compilation is a must-read.
Two compiled texts — 2 books in one:
1/ Vedânta Philosophy: Lectures on Jnâna Yoga. Part I
2/ Vedânta Philosophy: Jnâna Yoga. Part II. Seven Lectures.

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