Dan Lok

Unlock It: The Master Key to Wealth, Success, and Significance

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    When you look at it, there are only three ways to unlock your business growth. What are these three ways? Here they are.

    ATTRACTION : Being able to predictably and consistently attract new quality leads and generate new business

    RETENTION : Increasing stick rate of each customer and enhancing the relationship customers have with your business

    OPTIMIZATION : Maximizing the value your business generates for the customer
    Most struggling businesses are weak in either one or a blend of these three pillars. As you’ll see, these pillars work together to create a strong, sustainable, and scalable business. If any of these pillars are weak, you’re looking at an unbalanced business.
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    Most people rely on their willpower and motivation to succeed, and that is why they see inconsistent results. If you can structure your time and environment well, you’ll feel the gravitational pull toward success without needing willpower at all.
    Saidhas quotedlast year

    If you were to enter my office today, you would see many “Wealth Triggers”—objects that remind me to think a certain way. On my desk, there is a clock to remind me of the value of time, a copy of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War to remind me to think strategically, a small statue of a horse to trigger feelings of energy, and a picture of my mom and dad to remind me of my family values.

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