Cheryl Ntumy

The Cupid Club

Amarava Maake and her group of long-time girlfriends have grown increasingly tired of the dating scene. They therefore decide to change their approach to finding the perfect man – instead of every woman for herself, they’ll find potential mates for each other. This is how the Cupid Club is formed. Each friend gets a turn to find three dates for one of the others to choose from. The choice is solely made on clues given by the one who plays Cupid for the night. When Amarava’s turn comes to pick one of the secret candidates, she chooses “Mr Picture Perfect and guaranteed fun”. Professional photographer, David Kwena, is gorgeous and witty and the two hit it off immediately. But when it is later revealed that David is the same man that broke her close friend Botho’s heart many years before, tensions arise and the club’s long-standing friendship is in jeopardy. Botho and David were high-school sweethearts. When Botho had a pregnancy scare, she turned to David, sure of his support. But David disappeared and she could never forgive him for that. Botho and the friends in the “Botho camp” are adamant that Ama should break off her budding relationship with David. But it has been thirteen years since the incident and David is not that naïve seventeen-year-old boy anymore. Will Ama honour the code of the Cupid Club or will she take a shot at love with her new photographer beau.
125 printed pages
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