Patrick King

Think Like a Psychologist

Understand personality traits, character, emotions, and values through pure observation or simple questions.

Analyzing people in a flash — it’s not easy, and it’s not simple. But that’s because you don’t know the tools inside this book.

People give us more information than they realize. Learn to decipher all of it to further your goals.

Think Like a Psychologist is about working backwards from the person in front of you. You will learn to draw conclusions about people’s emotions, behavior, past experiences, and overall personality and temperament based on small yet important pieces of information. From this analysis, you will gain enormous insight into the people around you, new and old.
You may not be able to read people’s minds, but armed with knowledge about behavioral tendencies, developmental psychology, motivation and personality theories, and nature versus nurture, you will always possess deeper comprehension that others may not even have about themselves. And of course, there is an element of lie detection.

Understanding others is an opening to understanding yourself and self-awareness.

Patrick King is an internationally bestselling author and social skills coach. He has sold over a million books. His writing draws of a variety of sources, from research, academic experience, coaching, and real life experience.

Analyze people for better social interactions, less conflict, more likability, and the ability to open people up.

•Learn the most widespread personality evaluation methods.
Unlock the power of analyzing simple answers to simple questions.
•How motivation theories drive our behaviors.
Read people’s emotions and social cues.
•Scientific body language and facial expressions.

Understand people inside and out; quickly upgrade your emotional and social intelligence.
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  • Zhanarhas quoted4 years ago
    People who have high levels of conscientiousness tend to be extremely focused on their goals. They plan things out, focusing on the detailed tasks at hand, and they stick to their schedules. They have better control over their impulses, emotions, and behaviors, such that they are able to focus more of their energy on their professional success. While they may not live as adventurously as their peers, they do tend to live longer, thanks in part to their healthier habits
  • b7949050553has quoted2 years ago
    ▪ conscientiousness
    ▪ agreeableness
    ▪ extraversion
    ▪ openness
    ▪ neuroticism
  • Zhanarhas quoted4 years ago
    Conscientiousness has been linked to better success after training (Woods, Patterson, Koczwara & Sofat, 2016), more effective job performance (Barrick & Mount, 1991), higher job satisfaction, and careers with greater prestige and higher incomes (Judge, Higgins, Thoresen & Barrick, 1999). A study by Soldz and Vaillant (1999) also found that high levels of conscientiousness have helped people better adjust to the challenges of life that will inevitably sneak up on you

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