Samantha Michaels

BBQ Cookbooks: Make Your Summer Go With A Bang! A Simple Guide To Barbecuing

With barbecue being one of the most popular summer activities, it is no wonder that there are so many different BBQ cookbooks to be found. But how many times have you had to jump from one book to the other because neither of them contains all the recipes that you need? How many times did you end up ordering guides labeled as the best BBQ cookbooks, only to be presented with a bunch of recipes nobody really even likes? True barbecue fans find this to be a great source of discomfort, which is part of the reason I wrote Make your Summer Go with a Bang!. Before getting in greater detail about my book, I'd first like to introduce myself. I am Samantha Michaels, and after living in this world for over thirty-four years, I have made a name for myself (at least locally) as a professional cook. While some professional cooks tend to stick to the rules, I prefer to take a more free-spirited approach to the matter and think outside the box; in other words, I love experimenting with different ingredients and recipes, focusing on how to make healthy meals which are easy and simply enough to prepare for those who don't cook regularly. Over time I mulled over countless different barbecue recipes; just as many of them were pulled from the top BBQ cookbooks as from my own imagination. After making those recipes summer after summer, I managed to narrow down the best and most popular recipes… I narrowed it down to seventy, to be more precise. As you can probably guess at this point, that list of the best seventy recipes served as the basis for writing this cookbook. So what precisely can one expect to get from the book? Well, just like all the simple BBQ cookbooks out there do, I decided to get straight to the point: the book contains the afore-mentioned seventy recipes and precise instructions on how to make them. The ingredients and possible substitutes are all listed for your convenience, and the cooking instructions take you through a comprehensive step-by-step process which leaves little to no room for error. You are going to learn seventy different ways of cooking meat and vegetables on the grill, and I guarantee that the recipes are easy to make and are actually quite healthy, if consumed in moderation of course. In other words, this is one of the few truly healthy BBQ cookbooks out there; every recipe was tested personally (and on other human subjects) for safety and deliciousness. All in all, if you were looking to put together a catalog of healthy and easy BBQ Cookbooks, then you should really spare yourself the trouble and Make your Summer go with a Bang! by getting a readily-available compilation of seventy recipes you'll be sure to try over and over again. I'm not going to boast any further and claim that you won't ever need to spend anything on BBQ cookbooks in the future as you can make that assertion for yourself right away as the book is available on Kindle.
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