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Summary of Sapiens

Summary of Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind: By Yuval Noah Harari | Book Summary | Book Addict

From where did the world appear?

Is the creation story true?


Why is Man the way he is?


Were there men, before you and I?


Would there be other species after you and me?


Religion & Politics: what is their origin? And why do they rule our world so strongly?

Oh well! You might be in for a shocker! If you were told today that you come from a lineage of animals, and probably have some apes and chimpanzees as long-lost cousins, what would you think? If you knew that the creation story was just make-believe invented to control your world, what would you say? What if you were told that your species would one day come to an end?

All of these and many more are the topics explored in “SAPIENS.”

In the book ”Sapiens”, Yuval Noah Harari discusses all you need to know about who you are and where you come from, and debunks the many myths that have lived with us until now.

This book contains a comprehensive, well detailed summary and key takeaways of the original book by Yuval Noah Harari. It summarizes the book in detail, to help people effectively understand, articulate and imbibe the original work by Noah. This book is not meant to replace the original book but to serve as a companion to it.

Contained is an

Executive Summary of the original book

Key Points of each chapter and 

Brief chapter-by-chapter summaries
79 printed pages
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  • Netanya Obedyhas quotedlast year
    Homo sapiens species began creating larger arrangements known as cultures. In line with this, the development of these cultures forms what is known as history.
  • Federico Barrioshas quoted2 years ago
    merely being able to create a “reality” which did not exist, tons of strangers were able to cooperate and work together
  • Federico Barrioshas quoted2 years ago
    Some how, Homo Sapiens were able to form large groups, control them, found cities and rule empires. This was achieved, perhaps, through the use of fiction. According to what fiction suggests, tons of strangers can come together to achieve something, by simply believing common myths

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