Nicole Moore

The Liver Healing Diet

If you are not living as healthfully as possible, you are not achieving your maximum potential. Eating healthy is a fundamental challenge for many of us, but it does not need to be. If you are having trouble finding a way to eat that fuel your healthy lifestyle without sacrificing taste, you need to buy a copy of this awesome book written to help you on your journey to having a healthy liver.

This is the first book written to provide you with a detailed program for reversing liver damage through optimal nutrition.

The only organ in your body that regenerates itself is the liver. And now, you can make it happen. With a complete program to rejuvenate your liver through optimal nutrition and routine exercise, The Liver Healing Diet shows you how to:

•Enhance liver function

•Beat fatty liver disease

•Detoxify the liver

•Boost all-around health

•Nurture the body with mouth-watering recipes

The Liver Healing Diet teaches you basic liver facts, how to talk to your doctor about liver disease and what steps you need to reverse years of abuse. With your newly repaired liver you'll feel better, have more energy and live a healthy lifestyle.
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