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Impregnated By The Pharaoh Bundle: Ancient Egyptian Historical Adult Collection

Included in this bundle are the following ADULT stories:

Broken In Public By The Pharaoh

In ancient Egypt, one man rules with total power. The tall, muscular Pharaoh Nisroch.
Every year a woman must be choosen to be taken in public, at the festival of the Nile. Anna is chosen, and although she's untouched, that won't stop the enormous Pharaoh from taking her roughly in public no matter how much it hurts.

It's considered an honor among Egyptians, and Anna is as excited as she is scared.

However in front of the massive crowd, she wonders if she can even go through with it. It's far too late to change her mind however – Pharaoh Nisroch wants her pregnant, and he's not going to stop until she's filled up with as much seed as he can give her.

The Pharaoh's Plaything

Lao wakes up to panic, chaos and destruction in the streets as her once quiet village is shook up by a public stabbing. In the chaos a man takes advantage of the distraction, rushing in and dragging her off. Just when all hope seems lost, a single arrow pierces him in the chest as the Pharaoh's men arrive to settle the dispute… and complete a seperate mission.

Lao is taken, confused, to the all powerful Pharaoh who uses his incredibly charisma to convince her to do things good girls don't normally do – including being used like a whore and inseminated! She will have to struggle between her morals and the Pharaoh's power as she is caught between her old life and the new.

Impregnated By The Pharaoh

For Delilah, every day working to help build the pyramids seems to bleed into the next with no hope in sight. All that changes one day when the Pharaoh himself comes down with a burning desire…

With his wife unable to conceive, he must choose a woman to bear his children in secret. When he picks Delilah, she has to learn to give in to her own desires as the Pharaoh dominates her emotionally and sexually. 

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