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Alan Alexander Milne

The Red House Mystery

The Red House, stately mansion home of Mark Ablett, is filled with very proper guests when Mark's most improper brother returns from Australia. When the maid hears an argument in the study it isn't long before the brother dies… of a bullet between the eyes! Strangely, the study has been locked from the inside, and Mark Ablett is missing. Only an investigator with remarkable powers of observation could hope to resolve this mystery, and Antony Gillingham (with cheerful Bill Beverly at his side) is just the man.
208 printed pages
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  • Brinda Krishnanshared an impression3 years ago
    👍Worth reading
    🌴Beach Bag Book



  • Kriss <3has quoted2 years ago
    snob has been defined carelessly as a man who loves a lord; and, more carefully, as a mean lover of mean things—which would be a little unkind to the peerage if the first definition were true.
  • Renata Serebryakovahas quoted5 years ago
    I was never the one to pretend to be what I wasn't.
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    Nevertheless, when people run away, whether innocently or guiltily, one can't help wondering which way they went.

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