Harlan Coben

Tell No One

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Eight years ago David Beck was knocked unconscious and left for dead, and his wife Elizabeth was kidnapped and murdered.
For the next eight years Dr Beck re-lived the horror of what happened that day every day of his life. Then one afternoon, he receives an anonymous e-mail telling him to log on to a certain web-site at a certain time, using a code that only he and his wife knew. The screen opens on to a web cam — and it is Elizabeth’s image he sees. Is it a practical joke?
But as Beck tries to find out if Elizabeth is truly alive, and what really happened the night she disappeared, the FBI are trying to pin Elizabeth’s murder on him. And everyone he turns to seems to end up dead?
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    But I remembered how the laugh and the howl and the splash would ripple and echo in the stillness of our lake, and I wondered if ripples and echoes like those ever fully die away, if somewhere in the woods my father’s joyful yelps still bounced quietly off the trees. Silly thought, but there you go.
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    Don't show me paradise and then burn it down.
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    Well-meaning friends – often the worst kind – handed me the usual clichés, and so I feel in a pretty good position to warn you: Just offer your deepest condolences. Don't tell me I'm young. Don't tell me it'll get better. Don't tell me she's in a better place. Don't tell me it's part of some divine plan. Don't tell me that I was lucky to have known such a love. Every one of those platitudes pissed me off. They made me – and this is going to sound uncharitable – stare at the idiot and wonder why he or she still breathed while my Elizabeth rotted.

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