Richard Fierce

Tomb of Oaths

To save the Citadel, the Order must turn to unlikely allies.

With the impending war between the king and the riders about to ignite, Eldwin and Maren journey to the only other school left—Valgaard.

Will the traitorous riders leave their snowy mountain to aid them, or will the Order fall to the king’s sword?

Fans of Sarah K.L. Wilson's Dragon School, Christopher Paolini's Eragon and Anne McCaffrey's Dragon Riders of Pern will feel right at home.

Tomb of Oaths is the fifteenth episode of the series Dragon Riders of Osnen.

Dragon Riders of Osnen series:

Book 1: Trial by Sorcery

Book 2: A Bond of Flame

Book 3: The Warrior's Call

Book 4: The Coin of Souls

Book 5: Wings of Terror

Book 6: Eyes of Stone

Book 7: Tooth and Claw

Book 8: A Servant of Souls

Book 9: Smoke and Shadow

Book 10: The Dark Rider

Book 11: The Song of Bones

Book 12: Sword and Crown

Book 13: Tides of Darkness

Book 14: Wrath and Ruin

Book 15: Tomb of Oaths
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    👍Worth reading


  • jibee006has quotedlast month
    Its grand towers and thick walls towered over everything around it, a beacon of protection
  • jibee006has quotedlast month
    The soldiers whooped with excitement as they gained on us
  • jibee006has quotedlast month
    our twin hearts beating as one
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