Robert C. Schoen

Keto Bread Cookbook

Are you on the ketogenic diet and have missed so much of bread because you can't find any to meet your standard? Search no more!

Do you desire to have bread with low or no carb, gluten free and paleo at the same time? Search no more!

Do you want to have delicious bread with greater nutritional values and more health benefits? Search no more!

I present to you this keto bread with a lasting solution to any problem that may arise in your quest for enjoying amazing bread.

In this book you will explore:

50 amazing keto bread

Keto buns

Keto crackers

Keto pizza

Keto pies

Nutritional values calculated for you

8 Golden rules to abide by

Healthy substitute for some ingredients

Answers to questions that might be bugling you

This book is simple to follow and the recipes delicious with the ingredients around you. You may not need to get a special appliance to make the most of these recipes. Enjoy the best to your ketogenic world with this book an added arsenal to you.

35 printed pages
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