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Trading for Dummies

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When people think of stock trading, they often think of the glory days of the Internet, when stocks just kept going up and everyone seemed to be making a fortune. Since the bubble burst, many people are scared of investing in the stock market. Sure, stocks are risky—just like any other investment—but with the right knowledge and tactics, there’s still money to be made. Trading For Dummies isn’t about high-risk, fast-paced day trading. It’s a simple, straightforward guide to the ins and outs of stock investing that offers a measured, level-headed approach to trading. You’ll learn the basics of portfolio management, measuring stock value, market analysis, and much more—all with a focus on risk reduction and steady profits. Inside you’ll learn how to: Understand market cycles Choose a great broker Master technical analysis Manage your risk exposure Build a balanced…
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    Companies sometimes pay a dividend, or part of the company profits, for each share of common stock that an investor holds. This dividend is distributed to shareholders usually once every quarter after the company’s board of directors reviews company profits and determines whether to pay and how much the dividend will be
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    When you see expenses drop from one year to the next, while gross margins increase, that’s usually a good sign and means a company likely has a good cost control program in place. The potential for growth in future profit margins is good.
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    Even though Home Depot’s sale volume is considerably higher, the ratio enables you to compare how efficiently each company uses its resources.

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