Maurice Kleckin,Walter Reinhard

The Shoeshine Boy

In a nutshell, this material invites the reader to embark on a journey of discovery as he joins Ramon, the orphan child of a poverty-stricken family from a South American slum, in an adventure that will span three decades and take our protagonist across three continents, in his effort to improve his lot in life. Along the way, both will meet mentors who will impart golden rules of business and self-improvement techniques which will ultimately lead Ramon to achieve riches beyond his dreams in ALL areas of his life. Ramon's character was based on a child we, the authors, were fortunate enough to once meet at an airport in South America _ a boy, who at the mere age of seven, was working to provide for his family; a special soul who touched us with his optimism and enthusiasm. We aim to bring to the reader a little of the inspiration this special boy engendered in us. Ramon's story is intended to motivate others to find the courage to do more of the things they know in their heart they should do; the courage to reach for the stars! But 'The Shoeshine Boy' does much more than just serve as a motivational platform. Each of the chapters in the book is complemented by related exercises designed to prompt the reader to put into practice the principles they have just learned alongside our main protagonist. Also unique to this book, is that the subject of sales and marketing is presented through story, making what is often a difficult and potentially boring read accessible to the layperson. Perhaps more significantly, some of these principles have been treated by the authors as indispensable tools for personal development, and not just as skills applicable only to people who have a career in business. In this book the reader will find out how Ramon: • More than doubles his revenue in the shoeshine business overnight. • Discovers the difference between a job, a career, and a calling • Applies the golden rules of sales and marketing to improve his lot in life • Makes the invaluable distinction between dreams and goals. • Develops the art of interpreting messages behind the coincidences in his life • Learns to look for opportunities even in defeat • Discovers the true meaning of the word 'commitment' • Recognizes the importance of identifying influential mentors to speed up the achievement of his goals • Discovers the importance of aligning his goals to his core values • Nurtures his self concept to accept success with open arms • Overcomes his fears and pursues his true destiny • Develops a taste for the kind of joy only selfless contribution can instill. • Materializes the life of his wildest dreams
353 printed pages
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