Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat, Pray, Love

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'Eat, Pray, Love' is the autobiography of Elizabeth Gilbert. In 2010, the world saw a film adaptation of this novel with Julia Roberts in the title role. A woman is happy when she has a husband, an interesting job and many friends. This is what modern people think. They do not understand that this is not always enough. It is better to be unhappy inside and not to show it to anyone. But is it worth leading such a way of life? Elizabeth was able to start something new. She wanted to love, feel and enjoy life again. She was a modern woman who deserved happiness. In this book, Elizabeth Gilbert tells her story, which has everything: pain, the pressure of the society she lived in and the final escape from everyone.
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    Гарна книга, раджу прочитати. Надихає.


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    All this talk of nectar and bliss is starting to annoy me.
    I don't know about you, my friend,
    but my path to God isn't sweet waft of incense.
    It's a cat in a pigeon cage, and I'm the cat -
    but also them who yell like hell when they get pinned.
    My path to God is a worker's uprising,
    won't be peace till they unionize.
    Their protest is so fearsome
    the National Guard won't go near them.
    My path was beaten unconscious before me,
    by a small brown man I had never seen,
    who chased God through India, shin-deep in mud,
    barefoot and famined, malarial blood,
    sleeping in doorways, under bridges - a hobo.
    (Which is short for "homeward bound," you know)
    And he now chases me, saying: "Got it yet, Liz?
    What HOMEWARD means? What BOUND really is?"

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    leap over the edge
  • Діана М'ягкаhas quotedlast year
    life's every incident of anger rose. Every injustice, every betrayal, every loss, every rage. I saw them all, one by one, and I accepted their existence.
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