P.L. Jenkinson

Ramona's Angel

A psychological/emotional thriller; Ramona's Angel isn't as soft and fluffy as the title might have you believe. There's nothing heavenly or angelic in this story. This is a dark tale of deception and intrigue taking the reader along on an emotional roller-coaster as the main character's life unravels around him. The ripple effects of which, stretch far and wide. It all starts with a trauma call to the local Emergency Department and the blood covered victim of an assault. Who is the man in the hospital bed and what does he have to do with Robbie? As memories drip back slowly, stirring up despair for a mother who'd rather forget. The South-West coast of Scotland somehow ties the man to these recollections which eventually turn his whole world on its head in a way he could have never imagined.
The real story begins in Scotland. A small coastal, fishing village. It’s based on a village known well to this author. In the story, a little boy is spirited away under cover of a stormy night. Skip forward thirty years to present day Yorkshire, in the north of England, and we find Robbie. Something connects him to that little boy, but only his mother knows what. Wracked with guilt, she confesses to her husband who persuades her to come clean. This truth almost destroys them all.  Robbie then goes to this village he's never heard of, to find out more from the people who know more about him than he does himself. His life is then governed by countless twists and revelations of intrigue and cruelty which had previously been long since buried.
291 printed pages
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P L Jenkinson



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