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Samantha James,Sandra Kleinschmidt

Gabriel's Bride

A brooding Earl’s revenge leads to seduction with an American tavern wench in this scandalously sexy Regency romance.
Trapped by duty—and by the demands of his cruel, unyielding father—Lord Gabriel Sinclair is being forced to find a bride. But the dark and moody Earl of Wakefield plans an exquisite revenge on his cold-hearted parent: wedding the sultry, low-born Yankee who tried to steal his watch.
Ragged and beautiful, Cassie McClellan is desperate to escape her life of poverty—and, therefore, willingly accepts the handsome, arrogant aristocrat’s offer of marriage in name only. But neither is prepared for the awakening passions that will bind their fragile, damaged hearts—or the blistering, sensual need that compels them both to surrender body and soul.
341 printed pages
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