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Growing Marijuana and DIY Cannabis Extracts Collection

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Marijuana is getting bad press because of its ability to negatively affect one’s behavior but, when used for the right reasons and dosage, it can have amazing benefits.

According to studies, marijuana extracts can help cure over a hundred medical conditions including anxiety, pain, stress, insomnia, migraines, arthritis, ADD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, anorexia, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, hepatitis C,and loss of libido.

Marijuana is a taboo subject that no one wants to talk about.But, it is becoming more and more popular in the medical community because of its medical benefits. It can help cure various diseases, including various types of cancer.

It can also help ease physical and emotional pain. It can even treat various diseases such as emesis, anorexia, inflammation,obesity,cardiovascular disorders,glaucoma,epilepsy, obesity, and metabolic problems.

Look at some of the Neat stuff you'll learn in this book:

•How Plants Grow

•Building an Indoor Garden

•Choosing A Grow Medium


•High Yield Hydroponic Systems

•Different Effective Grower Setups

•Marijuana Seeds Selections

•Trevor's Round Gulley & Drip Table System

•Bob's Bucket System

•The top benefits of cannabis extracts

•How to grow your own marijuana plants

•How to make marijuana cookies, brownies, and munchies

•How to make cannabis oil and butter

•10 Marijuana dessert recipes

•45 Cannabis lunch, dinner, and breakfast recipes

•5 liquor and cocktail recipes

•Legal status of marijuana in various countries and states and so much more!

So, sit back, relax, and let your Marijuana Growing, Cannabis extracts making and cooking education begin by buying the book NOW! ;)
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  • filuphas quoted3 years ago
    Hydroponics is even better, providing roots with even more access to oxygen while still maintaining ideal levels of water and nutrients. This enables a speedier uptake of nutrients, and faster and bigger growth of plants and buds. Hydroponic systems also give you a higher level of control over plants than what you would have with soil mixes, because you can constantly adjust exactly what the nutrient solution contains.
  • filuphas quoted3 years ago
    Also, to ensure that your plants are getting all the nutrients it needs, you must use the right fertilizer. You can use vinegar-baking soda CO2 generator, wood ashes, Miracle-Gro, and even urine. To ensure steady plant growth, you also need to test the pH of your soil every now and then and make sure it’s at 7.0. You can use a pH testing kit or pH meter.
  • filuphas quoted3 years ago
    The temperature of the nutrient solution should be kept between 68-77 degrees Fahrenheit, or within a few degrees of the air temperature. An inexpensive pool thermometer can be used. Digital thermometers that record minimum and maximum temperatures are even better.

    If the nutrient solution is too cold, it can be heated with an aquarium heater, or a heating pad can be used on the reservoir. Hot solution can be cooled by passing it through a cooling radiator, or by placing coils of hose with cold water running through them into the reservoir.

    Heat gain can be prevented by insulating and shading buckets and pipes from hot lights. The PH should be kept between 5.9 and 6.3. Inexpensive pool PH test kits can be used. Meters are more convenient. However, many inexpensive types are inaccurate.

    Accurate digital PH meters are best. The concentration of fertilizer in the nutrient solution is expressed as parts per million of dissolved salts. Parts per million, or PPM, is measure by an EC meter. EC stands for electrical conductivity.

    By testing the electrical conductivity of a liquid, an EC meter can determine the amount of chemical salt that's dissolved in a liquid. The more conductivity, the more dissolved salts, and thus a higher concentration of fertilizer.

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