Henry David Thoreau


Olga Grigorevahas quoted8 months ago
I am alarmed when it happens that I have walked a mile into the
Синтия📚💜🌺has quoted9 months ago
would fain take that walk, never yet taken by us through this actual world, which is perfectly symbolical of the path which we love to travel in the interior and ideal world; and sometimes, no doubt, we find it difficult to choose our direction, because it does not yet exist distinctly in our idea.
Синтия📚💜🌺has quoted9 months ago
If with fancy unfurled

You leave your abode,

You may go round the world

By the Old Marlborough Road.
Jacob Budinhas quoted3 years ago
Every tree sends its fibers forth in search of the Wild. The cities import it at any price. Men plow and sail for it.
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