Max Adams

The Wisdom of Trees

A passionate and informative celebration of trees and of man's ingenuity in exploiting their resources: the perfect gift for anyone who cares about the natural world.

Trees are marvels of nature, still-standing giants of extraordinary longevity. In a beautifully written sequence of essays, anecdotes and profiles of Britain's best-loved species (from yew to scots pine), Max Adams explores both the amazing biology of trees and humanity's relationship with wood and forest across the centuries.

Embellished with images from John Evelyn's classic SYLVA (1664), THE WISDOM OF TREES is a gift book that will delight anyone who cares about the natural world and our interaction with it.

312 printed pages
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    chemical called ‘triethylamine’, released as the blossom fades, is the smell of a dead body (and, incidentally, of human sperm).
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    swamp gum (Eucalyptus regnans) stands 101 metres or 331 feet tall—and may once have been taller before it was damaged. It is the tallest hardwood and the tallest flowering plant anywhere; and the eucalyptus, being highly fire-adapted and opportunistic, is the fastest tree to get to that height.
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    There is also another force at work, one which we do not yet understand properly: the ability of many trees to accumulate positive pressure in their roots and force the water column upwards.

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